Showtime’s “The Affair” hits a Home Run and Should get Couples Talking

What Co-Creator Sarah Treem has said about her extremely well written show is this, “We wanted to tell a story about two good people.”

If you haven’t seen this hour long episodic on the Showtime network you are in for a compulsive ride-it is compelling to say the least-the story of Noah and Alison and their chance meeting in Montauk and their respective spouses and the consequence of an affair.  I write it about it today on the heels of Maura Tierney winning the 2016 Golden Globe for Supporting Actress in a TV Series.  In Season 2 it was both hers and Joshua Jackson’s time to shine as they go on their respective journeys.  There are some scene stealers here!

The plot although resolves around more than the lovers and their spouses but points to a murder.  What’s so catchy here is that the show takes perspective on and off throughout the episodes when the characters are wrangled in the midst of the case to solve the murder.

Mrs. Treem, the co-creator goes on to say that the husband and wife characters are two good people, committed to their marriage; that it’s not the story about two philanderers; people who are looking to commit adultery .

“The idea was that your in a marriage, you love your wife, she’s a good woman, you’re a good man.  You have kids and then you meet somebody by chance who you think is your soul mate.  What do you do?”

“At some point in your marriage, you meet somebody else and you’re just like “I think I can be happier with this person.”  And then you’ve got a choice to make.

The Affair showcases all four partners and their points of view.  One episode could be entirely focused on Alison and Noah’s version of the story and next week Cole and Helen’s version of the story which I think is telling because it is objective and this show explores all sides of an affair.

My husband loves and hates this show. He loves it because it’s a well done show (and his favorite state in the union is New York!) but he absolutely hates the premise that an affair got this true crisis started.  If the topic and premise of this show was avoided there wouldn’t be Showtime’s The Affair and………people would still continue to have affairs.  The show should get couples talking and it certainly did for my husband and I.

The Affair sheds serious light on making the decision, whether conscious or unconscious to have an extramarital affair and how that decision affects the children, the spouses, the entire universe in which everyone is involved.  This show highlights a crisis and your watching everyone’s lives unravel at the seams and more.  My husband and I talk about the hurt it caused all of the characters and how just watching it is painful.  You feel for the characters-all the pain and loss that’s involved.

Back to Season 2, you find Alison and Noah, now a couple with a baby asking themselves the real questions in life after the dust has settled-who are they and who do they love, what do they love?  Who can they trust and what is going on?  Who is hiding what?  Suspicion abounds.

The acting is also superb (Golden Globe for Best TV Series, Best Actress Golden Globes for Ruth Wilson and Maura Tierney) but more than anything, this show sheds light on the very ideals of marriage, infidelity, trust, and more.  What honestly and sincerely begs the question of the viewer is, “Is MARRIAGE FOR YOU, FOR A LIFETIME?” I can relate in season one where you see Helen and Noah and their four children struggle to just get into the van to go on a vacation.  I’m lucky, I got it right the second time around and those kinds of struggles make us stronger. You have to be checked into your spouse, yourself, and what makes you tick and what makes you happy and COMMUNICATE.

I hope nothing in my blog ever offends.  It’s merely an opinion.  If you watch the show, let me know what you think in the comment section on my blog and please follow my blog-I would love that!  Thank you!!





Giving Young Twins a New Space, Growing Individuality



This room really bothered me.  It had too many functions and nearly nothing got done except my girls making another mess in one more room!  So that was it, this past Friday night I just dug right in.  I had too, how often do you stare at a mess in your house and pretend that a little elf named Rosie will fly in, wink, and Poof your mess is gone!  It’s never going to happen and your husband isn’t going to magically clean it up either.  I’ve learned in marriage to at least start the project and my husband naturally follows and offers help and support where needed.

My daughters had a playdate that day and I didn’t want to cancel.  Here is my go at keeping things together and managing all the fires in the skillet while attempting to keep my daughters emotionally healthy……

First, I get my daughters excited about having their own rooms!  I ask them for help and surprisingly they seem interested at first and so they begin to help and here this is the key, after their attention span starts to wane, they find something else they like to do and leave!  Thus giving me and my hubby the time to tear apart the “craft room” and organize the soon-to-be bedroom-giving it it’s one and only function, a separate sleeping space for our older twin (by four minutes).

In the book “Emotionally Healthy Twins” author Joan Friedman, Ph.D says to “give elementary school-age twins as much emotional and physical space as possible.  If they can’t have their own rooms, provide space for individual expression within their shared room.”

I couldn’t agree more.  I wish I had granted them their own rooms earlier but at age six this is a ripe age to explore who they are and what they love in deciding who they will become!

To start we pulled everything out of the closet and took down the classic wire shelving and then we went to Home Depot.  This allowed us to look at the closet in an honest way to gauge how we wanted to approach the space.


Not sure these would work?

I’m at Home Depot a lot and it stresses me.  I don’t blame Home Depot it’s just I’m a creative person and I also love their gardening center (most of the time) so if I know I’m going there, I just have to have strong coffee.  I thank my husband for the amazing Starbucks espresso I had while pondering this purchase-just holding the cup gave me some calm!

We ended up finding some pressed boards by Rubbermaid and decided to use two, one for extra storage up top and another for shoes. I didn’t want to add a manufactured shoe rack or hang anything on her door.  The room has a closet that is on the smaller side so I wanted to maximize the space inside the closet which the pressed boards allowed.

I’m not the handy man (woman) in the relationship.  I’m the idea person and the decorator.  We putty the holes from previous work installs and lightly sand for a smooth surface.  We like our mouse sander because it can handle medium work around the house in addition to pieces of furniture I sand in my garage.

The paint I choose for the closet is Behr Ultra in Wispy Pink.  I wanted to paint the inside of the closet to bring some depth in.  It was just enough color to set off the closet.  With a basket for dirty clothes in a soft grey with liner for texture (another great find at Marshall’s!) and a little organization, my twins physical space is now created!


Behr my go to paint




A cleaner more polished closet

With just a couple of additions, new curtains from IKEA and some basic white frames for artwork, I had a room Sophie could fall in love with!  The curtains are awesome-they wash well, they’re cheap and look great in her room!  I love curtains to puddle and at 98″ in length, these curtains were the perfect addition to a room where a castle is the backdrop!  I wanted the room to have an air of whimsy and the curtains plus the fresh bedding gave it that touch!


When I add the “art” side of the room, I will post a blog on how the frames and artwork and photos come together for a simplified art display.  Thank you again for reading and by the way, Sophie Grace loves her new room!






LA or NY Actor, Choosing a Coast Says A lot About You

Reese Weatherspoon has been quoted as saying that once she moved out to Los Angeles, the City of Angels, she was hooked.  The sun, the gorgeous weather, the palm trees.  She would never live anywhere else.

That’s exactly how I feel about New York and although I don’t live there, I fell in love with it at first glance.  I’m not a famous actor/actress, I was in a movie once and I can only tell you that if I were to choose a locale to live and do my performing it would be New York.

Here’s the Longitude and Latitude Between the Performing Coasts:

  1. If I lived in LA, literally I would get nothing done!  I would be on the beach, sunning myself, playing at the pool with my kids and running late because I would perpetually always be on East Coast time!   It’s too sunny and gorgeous and anything in that realm would not keep me sharp as an actor!  I would loose 1 out of 2 auditions just because my phone would be misplaced in the bottom of my beach bag!  Not good!
  2. In New York in the winter, if you want to make it to an audition and get the job, you will have to leave extra early because the cabs are all taken and the subway is jammed.  Leave at least 15 minutes early!  The cold air always rejuvenates-it gets my pumped for whatever’s next in New York like a hot cup of Joe.  New York has the best coffee and the best food in the world, another reason why NY is my choice.  I love a good meal at Carmines on Broadway or whatever the budget will allow.
  3. Here is a delicious quote from Robert DeNiro on his love for New York,”I go to Paris, I go to London, I go to Rome, and I always say There’s no place like New York.  It’s the most exciting city in the world now.  That’s the way it is.  That’s it.”  I think that best sums up my feelings on what city wins out for me.  The energy is pulsating and I love that about a city.  My hometown is Annapolis, Maryland.  I’ll never really leave.  It’s the capital city and there is something always buzzing here, not like New York of course but that’s why I stay close to home-Manhattan is just a short bus ride away!


Late Summer-2008 003

A Food Festival!  Lucky Me!

4. Ask yourself this question, even if you don’t act, are you more of a conservative person or more of a liberal?  If you answered conservative, go to NY and if you answered more of a liberal, head out west baby!  I realize Barbara Streisand, a native New Yorker is now beach based but baby her heart will never leave Brooklyn!

5. What’s your Style, Beach house or Lake house?  Even though I grew up on the sandy beaches of Ocean City, Maryland I am now more of Lakehouse girl and you can find them along the Hudson River, a short drive from Manhattan!  Try Peekskill.  The antiquing is awesome there too.

6. Do you like good theatre?  Do you like the ambiance of Broadway?  My husband and I try to make it to the city each year to take in a show and dine at a new place before we do.  It’s lovely.  The Book of Mormon, the Musical was hilarious and a great night among theatregoers.

7. Lastly, are you an overachiever or are you simply happy to get your work done and head for the hills and take a hike?  Yes, I’ve done this in LA and it didn’t work for me.  Once again, I got nothing done but more socializing, a little exercise, and a keen awareness of at any point in time a mountain lion attack could occur!  I’ll stick with New York and grouchy cab drivers thank you!

Los Angeles is a fun place to visit and I have some old actor friends out there who love it and I think that’s great.  Lastly, the interiors I like of these fascinating cities in my very brief summary:

LA Style versus New York Style

NY Interior Design

Traditional NYC with lots of Light


Love some of Barbara Streisand’s Design Work-Cozy


Whatever you love to do, wherever you find yourselves, do it with passion!  Acting on stage and on screen is more of a hobby for me and I’m grateful for roles I’ve been given.  I’ve been knocking on casting directors doors in New York since I was 17 and sometimes the offices there are just not pleasant.  I guess in some ways I was fearless-maybe I still am.

Keeping to the East Coast is where my roots began-I’m planted.  Cheers to you and thank you for reading my blog!  Recently, I updated my headshots with Donna Belajac Casting in Pittsburgh.  The last film she called me in on was Jack Reacher.  I hope to hear from her again. She’s a lovely human being.  Have an amazing day!!










My Audition Tapes and Laughing into the New Year

This video doesn’t exist

Hello and how have you been?!  Happy New Year and all that jazz!  I’m sorry I’ve been away just in case you missed me. Were the holidays a blur to you too?  I hope your holidays were magnificent and your new year off to the start you want!  I feel that 2016 is the year, I’m not an even numbered person; my lucky number is seven but I’m pushing through and BELIEVING that this is the year for Peace, Prosperity, and a time where all of our dreams will come true!  Don’t you?  It won’t be easy but hard work always pushes us to GREATNESS.

In my audition tape and I’m pretty sure this was for the wonderful Donna Belajac out of Pittsburgh, one of my favorite casting directors and clearly I did her an injustice!  I wasn’t prepared, you can see the copy (acting slang for the words the screenwriter intended the actress to portray with purpose).  I had just had twins so I’m sure I wasn’t prepared or in the mindset of trying to be the number one actress here.  I’ve also always been told my eyes are distracting on camera and now I can see why!  Ugh!

Since the ripe old age of 17 I’ve been in the volatile business of selling yourself and believe me it hasn’t been easy.  Back to the point I was trying to make about prospering and believing in your dreams, in yourself and making 2016 a great year……….we’ll back in 2010 I was just focused on being a mother and ironically the auditions and bookings came pouring in!  We’ll that’s a slight exaggeration but what I’m trying to say is……I worked my little tail off sending my headshots out, mailing casting directors hand written notes of thanks for thinking of me for that role and wait, you won’t believe this one, being the happiest person in the world that they called me in for a very small role. Most actors want the shining star role or the supporting cast.  I have always been and always will take the role that supports the film or television product and all of that-the hard work, determination, and a grateful heart spills over as blessings on the hearts of yourself and others.  It’s terribly ironic though because clearly I am horrible at acting!  🙂

I won’t do extra work anymore and I’m okay with saying that because I worked hard to get to where I am right now in life and I know I can be better in my auditions if I just put a little bit more work in.  My husband can read copy better than I can and he’s not invested in the business!!  I’ve been literally taking the Greyhound bus line to Manhattan since I was 17 and I won’t stop because it’s my life and this is where it gets good.

Balancing it all with my home décor projects, motherhood, family and friends gives me my purpose and I know it can for you too (not an acting career for you but ask yourself what do you love?).  The balancing is the hardest part isn’t it?  Yesterday I had to completely renovate my children’s playroom and it took some doing.  That photo surely to come.  I need to visit Marshall’s for some canvas prints.  Something colorful, bright and happy.  Will blog and post photos of that upcoming project even with the dingy brown carpet that I so desperately want to take out!

Finally, a side note, my Father, who will always be a musician in my eyes is finally after 40 years finding happiness, at least I hope he is.  We can only hope for that when we take the time to do an inventory of what makes us tick.  So my hope for you in this new year is, take a little notepad and when the house is quiet, jot down whatever comes to mind and see how you can make it awesome.  A solution should come and I pray that it does.  I hope you laughed a little when you watched my ridiculous, if not terribly bad audition video.  There are more to come as I become more at peace with myself.  Laughing at oneself is liberating!  Try it!  Happy 2016 to you and yours!


Modeling for the Wall Street Journal