Our Backyard Rennovation, Next Please!


Okay I had no idea what was involved when I moved into my second house!  I wish I had a crystal ball and could tell you that when we came back to our first house together that it would of been clean, well-kept, and organized but that was certainly not the case.  To make matters worse and we take full responsibility for this, the trees on our property had fallen ill.  The photo of my brother and husband shows one poplar tree to the right of them.  That was one of many that were taken down to protect our house and the street of cars behind us!

Back in 2009 I gave birth to twin girls so much of my time was spent gazing into their eyes and then bottles, more bottles and more diaper changes.  I don’t think I noticed the trees or much less cared.  A fence was installed months after this photo was taken shortly before the birth of our daughters.

This photo shows the backyard with ivy removed off of the fence.  It was overgrown and taking over both sides of the fence.  Large divots and holes permeated our once lush backyard.  I was devastated to bring my now four year old daughters back to their birth home so I began charting a course of tree therapy!  I cleared the brush, tore down the ivy and bought seven green arborvitae to line the fence with.  I love evergreen so this was a no brainer, but I should of done more research because had I done that I would of found that they grow very little over time!  No privacy fence for us anytime soon.  I wanted to hear less noise from the road we live on and see less traffic so moving onto Plan B was essential!


Little by little changes were made


Coming together

Next, Patrick moved two tall arborvitaes and dug them up and moved them to the backyard.  He was not so happy with me but once he placed them in the hole and covered the hole with Miracle Grow and healthy new soil, we were in good shape!  I always feel better when I fertilize plants of any kind!

Next project: We dug out a rectangular area for our girls’ swing set, cut timber logs and brought in bags and bags of recycled tire mulch (not cheap!) to complete the look.  Next, the elephant in the room needed to be addressed-the dreaded Poplar Tree that was keeping me up at night during dramatic storms.


I had no doubt in my nind that the tree just off center in our backyard needed to come down but I never knew how bad the tree had rotted out.  The tree guys told me it had 10 feet of rot so with dramatics installed (people were watching from both sides of our house, the back, the front), the removal of the tree process began.

I didn’t think I’d get emotional but never the less I did.  A part of history was coming down and with it memories of the shade we use to have when my daughters were just infants was gone.  I knew right then I would replace it with my favorite tree variety-the spruce.  Here is my emotional video-the audio is muffled in the beginning but wait, you just might laugh!!



The California Privet.  Hardy.


With the addition of two California Privet’s (so low maintenance!) and a couple of winter spruce’s (unfortunately I do not have any great aerial photos of my new backyard!) my backyard reno is complete!  Thank you to I Tree Servcies, my husand Patrick and all the friends and family who’ve played here!

LateSummer-14 081

A clean slate.  Happy to play here again.


















2 thoughts on “Our Backyard Rennovation, Next Please!

  1. Lindsey

    It looks beautiful. Perfect place for a gathering too or a kid dance party. Don’t forget to feature your wonderful patio adjacent to the greenery.


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