The Oscar’s 2016-Will it be Oscar Gold for DiCaprio and Winslet?



Have you seen Leonardo DiCaprio’s film The Revenant yet?  If you have will you please fill me in on whether or not this film is just too long and then your left disappointed?  He doesn’t die in this one too?!  We all know how the film Titanic turned out so waiting for the end was invenitable-although Kate Winslet’s character Rose could of moved over on that floating piece of wood and saved the poor man’s life!  Seriously she was selfish.

Oh man am I excited about the Oscar’s this year (like I am every year!).  First off, Kate Winslet is up for Best Supporting Actress in Steve Jobs and her castmate Leo DiCaprio is up for Best Actor in Alejandro Gonzalez´ Iñárritu’s film The Revenant.  I love these two actors.  You just know they get the best picks of movie scripts and you hope they choose the ones that stay with you!

Right now on cable, you can pre order the film for small potatoes and I think I will or hiring a babysitter might be in order!  I’ve got to see this film. Set in the wilderness  of 1823, a legendary frontiersman and fur trapper Hugh Glass portrayed by DiCaprio sustains injuries from a brutal bear attack and is left behind for dead by his own hunting team.  His quest for survival and redemption is worth the 156 minutes the film plays.

I loved watching DiCaprio’s character Jack in the film Titanic but haven’t personally enjoyed him in many other films so waiting for The Revenant I hope will be money well spent!


A Blockbuster!

I remember when I first saw Titanic; I thought “this guy is going to be a mega star” and then we all waited to see what he would do next.  He was ironically not nominated for Best Actor in 1998 but Kate Winslet was for Best Actress for Titanic, a huge snub in my opinion.

And back to his favorite counterpart, Kate Winslet.  Her acting is what I consider the best of her generation, not being compared to the incomproable Cate Blachett-two differen’t actresses with similar ranges but the Great Cate played Queen Elizabeth and I don’t think anyone else could of done that. Our Kate with a “K” stands alone strong in portraying complicated, passionate female roles.  I just love watching what she’ll do next and this year is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for the film, Steve Jobs.  I haven’t seen this film in its entirety (I fell asleep!) yet but so far have enjoyed the dynamo change Kate took on to play the productive marketing girl to Michael Fassbender’s Steve Jobs.

Kate and Leo both won the Golden Globe this year for their respective roles which the wider audience say is indicative of winning the Oscar, but not always.  We will see but I’m sure considering the contenders based on the trailer for Steve Jobs she might be walking home with the Oscar statuette and the world will be waiting to see if the two Titanic stars reunite for a brief hello.  Didn’t 1997 when the film came out seem so long ago?  I know.  Enjoy the Oscars this Sunday if you partake.  I will be glued to the tube this Sunday on ABC at 8:30 pm eastern standard time.  By the way who are you rooting for??  Last note, my husband only entertains me briefly while watching the Oscars each year; not wanting to dampen my spirits, he can remain close-mouthed for only so long before he begins to tell me how insincere all of these celebrities seem.  If only Tom Hanks could save the day……..




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