Our Family

Hello, I’m Stephanie and I’m managing (sometimes barely) this crazy and wonderful life.  My husband Patrick and our daughters live in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I’m a third generation Annapolis Maryland gal who learned everything about home and garden life through my mother who learned from her father, my grandfather Harold who was an expert carpenter.  Anything and everything that had to do with a house I was involved in; hanging wallpaper, scouring antique stores for the best furniture or adding and removing the landscaping; I was immersed and loved every minute of it.  I then met my husband who worked for a custom home builder where I began working.  It was a match made in heaven!

After our twin daughters were born in 2009 we moved into a new home in the Hudson Valley of New York where I feverishly began landscaping and moving furniture around.  I was fortunate enough to land a job writing the lifestyle column of the town paper, which lead to a blogging position with a bigger paper, which landed me an award with the Associated Press.  My goal is to bring joy to my readers by inspiring them with my ideas on homes, interior design, family and lifestyle.  When reading my blog, you might find one of my Nanny’s recipes here and another a simple project for a kids craft table!  You just never know.  Let the inspiration begin!