Our Pottery Barn Kids’ Craft Table Knockoff

CraftTable2Craft Table1

Your kids are coloring on your dining room table, on the floor, on the carpet, in their rooms, on their beds and you just might be thinking, will it come out!?!  We use to do most of the creativity in our house actually in the garage!  Can you believe that?  Yes, paints and scissors and glitter glue make me nervous!   Recently, I took an extra bedroom of ours (our girls still sleep in one room) and proudly made it the craft room.  This took some bravery on my part, considering it use to be their nursery but I pressed on and gave my husband the green light on making it the craft room.  There’s old carpet in there anyway so we hitched up that old barn kitchen table of mine as it was beckoning to be repurposed.

Thus began another room renovation.  What was the playroom became the craft room.  We started by moving all of their toys into the basement (I got some much needed exercise) and making that the let loose playroom (plenty of room to tumble and dance!).  We then took that old barn kitchen table and cut the legs down with a hand saw and moved it into the new “craft room”.

We then found old curtain brackets and drilled them into the underside of the table.  We found an old painters extension rod and hand sawed it, sized to fit inside the curtain brackets.  My husband congratulated himself on his brilliancy which he deserved and I ran right out to my favorite craft store and bought two extra rolls of white craft paper.  Neat!

What I love is that it’s functional and it uses old items lying around the house.  Reuse and Recycle are common words and phrases used in our humble home.  In this new craft room, a small room, but nevertheless, our girls love to create here; pulling down the paper and telling me to save each creation, each one special.

Their imaginations are endless.  To add color and insult to injury, I used tomato seed cups to put the crayons in.  It’s a beautiful table, one that I used in my first kitchen; one that I wanted to reuse somewhere else in our home.  I hope they will treasure it always as a memento from my humble beginnings.  Thank you for again taking time out of your day to read my blog.  Your amazing.